Guest Blogger Picks: Jen Anisef.

Colour and pattern are my lifeblood. A glance at my wardrobe may cause heart palpitations among the basics–inclined; it is a riot of florals, geometrics, earth tones, neons & primaries. So when tasked with selecting my favourite City of Craft picks, I set out to discover works that had palettes or patterns that please me. While choices in this category overfloweth, somewhere along the way I found my eyes taking a rest on the more pared down items, where their beauty can be found in their simplicity. So in a radical (for me) move, I challenged myself to find a selection of pieces for the friend or relative with simpler tastes, but that even I could get excited about taking home with me. Here are my finds:


This super spare vegetable tanned leather pouch by Caboto is the thing that set me down this pared-down path. I am finding myself compelled more and more to invest in everyday beauty, and this would be a beautiful thing to use everyday!

Oak Savanna shawl

Oak Savanna’s heirloom-inspired knit patterns are complex but make me think of simpler times. Love this Bramble shawl in a natural yarn.

Off Cut skate

Nostalgia also factors into my appreciation for these wooden Skateguards by Off Cut Studio. Makes me want to protect all of my sharp edges with lovely wooden things.

Chiho bud vase

I love the ancient vessel/contemporary Japanese vibe of these bud vases by Chiho Tokita.

RB bicycle print

Though probably not structurally sound, I would love a bicycle with lines this great. Aptly named “It’s a Bicycle silkscreen print” by Raymond Biesinger.

Stephanie Galea_exase wristwarmers

I am excited to see more knits at City of Craft this year, and would go greyscale for these adorable fingerless wrist warmers by Stephanie Galea.

Jen Anisef is a craft community organizer, having been involved in the development of projects that include the Montreal Church of Craft, the Toronto Craft Alert and City of Craft. Inspired by her Master's thesis on community development and activism through craft she can sometimes be found researching, writing, and moderating panels for organizations such as the Textile Museum and the Ontario Arts and Crafts Councils. Having recently moved to Hamilton, Jen is excited to get back to making more, particularly in the realm of quilting and textiles.

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  1. Those skateguards are so cool! I'll be sure to line up really early to get first pick :)