Guest Blogger Picks: Michelle Renaud.

I generally enjoy picking out (or making) gifts for loved ones during the holiday season, but one gift purchase tends to stump me. The 'gift exchange' gift. Also known as Secret Santa, White Elephant or (and this term is new to me) 'Christmas Swamp Thing'. You know, the unique, yet mass appeal gift you bring to a holiday party that will be (hopefully) fought over by participants in what is usually a pretty fun game. This year, I'll be participating in three gift exchanges so I really need to come up with some fun gifts that my friends and colleagues will enjoy fighting over and be happy to bring home. Luckily, the vendors at City of Craft have got me covered.

Shannon Gerard

1. A plant you can't kill by Shannon Gerard. Cute, unique and can be enjoyed by green and non-green thumbs alike. I have one of these already and can vouch that it really is impossible to kill them!

Puffy Love - Orange Burst

2. Edible gifts are always a hit at the Secret Santas that I've attended. I'm thinking that some handcrafted gourmet marshmallows would be a most welcome treat, especially the Orange Burst flavour. Yum!

Jumbo Peanuts - rcboisjoli

3. And for the ever popular silly or gag gift, how about some ceramic jumbo peanuts? Amaze your friends, confound your enemies! Great work by the very creative rcboisjoli.

kid icarus - 3D geese wrap

4. Finally, to wrap up these excellent choices, I'm going with kid icarus' fantastic 3D wrapping paper. I'm sure you'll agree it's pretty much a gift in itself.

Thanks to City of Craft, I'm all set for my gift exchanges. Now I just need to hone my no holds barred, take no prisoners, gift stealing strategy. I will be victorious!

See you at City of Craft!

Michelle is the City of Craft Volunteer Coordinator. She likes crafts and coordinating, so it's win-win. Get in touch if you want to volunteer (cityofcraft@gmail.com)!

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