Be all that you can be!

Peas in a pod merit badges photo by lee.meszaros

...by sponsoring City of Craft!

Do you run a business that fits with the City of Craft outlook? An online shop of handmade goodness? A supplier of the things that crafters need to keep making? A media outlet with advertising space to offer? A local business with goodies to offer our shoppers? Food or drink to fill the bellies of vendors, volunteers staff and attendees? If so, we want to hear from you!

Sponsorship at City of Craft is not as daunting as it may seem. We need and can use everything from cold hard cash to string and paper. We need stuff to stuff swag bags, gifts for our volunteers and vendors and raffle prizes. We even find uses for things we never knew we needed so badly (can you say ethical floral sponsor?)

In return you get things like web ads, print ads, gifts, blogly attention and table space (well, you only get table space for cold hard cash). Obviously, you also get our undying love and affection. And you get to sleep with the knowledge that you are supporting small scale economics, the Toronto community and a raft of amazing art and craft makers. What could be better?

For a look at our sponsorship package, or to discuss options (there are nearly endless options), please email cityofcraft at gmail dot com. We will hook you up.

Let's be peas in a pod together.

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