It's a done deal.

Photo by supayana

The jury has met, votes have been crunched, floor plans have been consulted and City of Craft's 2010 vendors have been notified of their acceptance.

As always, all the jury members were deeply humbled by the amount of talent in Toronto (and beyond). And as always, there is way too much talent around these parts for our little show (well, little in vendor numbers) to accommodate.

Our selections consist mostly of lovely locals with a few stellar neighbours thrown in for good measure (note the image above from Montreal fashion label, supayana). To stay on top of all the exciting people and things at the show, be sure to check out our growing vendor page and image gallery. As we get deeper into the fall, they will steadily populate themselves with vendor links and products images to ease your holiday shopping woes.

For those who did not end up with a spot in this year's show (and even for those of you who did), may we recommend the new craft fairs forum on the Toronto Craft Alert. The forums are just getting rolling, but we hope for them to become a big hub of activity as the holiday craft fair season pushed into full swing.

A massive thank-you to everyone who applied. This city is full to bursting with craft and talent.

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