Cormarama (A Fundraiser for Derek McCormack).

Citizens, we were just alerted to this important call to action via various friends in the City of Craft network. Local author, bookseller and Hallowe'enologist, Derek McCormack has fallen ill and requires an extensive treatment and recovery time to get better. Seeing as how he has worked in arts and retail, he doesn't have a huge financial cushion to support his recovery time.

To gather him a little breathing room, some friends in the art community have come together to create a triple-action fundraising plan. There's a shindig, an online art sale (with a very impressive line-up) and an easy set-up for making plain old donations.

Mr. McCormack is a fantastic contributor to art and literature in this city (the country and the world, too). His collaborations in the craft and design worlds have also set the bar really high for cheeky/thoughtful hybrids. If talent and output lead to money, he would already be a millionaire. Let's help normalize the scales and get him through this rotten patch.

If you have not already, you can read up on his past work here.

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