Prolonging the Magic.

Liz from The Arthur at her table

Feeling craft withdrawal post-show? I know we are. But fear not, there are still lots of ways to get your fix around town.

1. Kalpna also made a clouds and rain display that matches our spring décor in the window of Type Books on Queen. You should go check it out!

2. Lisa Pijuan-Nomura (a great friend, citizen and spring vendor) runs her own fantastic show,Movies and Makers on the east side and it is coming up in two weeks! A great place to shop for you mom if you have put off your gift search.

3. And, of course, you can always get out into the city and visit the plethora of great indie and handmade shops Toronto has to offer - Kid Icarus, Nathalie-Roze & Co., the workroom, Coriander Girl, Bookhou, The Arthur...the list goes on...

4. If you want to hunt down that item you regretted not getting at the show, you can also always look up our vendors on the vendor page. You could also always flip through the look book. Our Pinterest boards also feature more fluid streams of vendor work as well as a growing collection of work being made in the Golden Horseshoe.

5. For those who asked about purchasing one of Jack Dylan's limited edition City of Craft Spring posters, we will have them at future events but they are also on sale now at Kid Icarus in Kensignton Market!

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