Guest Blogger Picks: Leah Buckareff.

Watching City of Craft go down each year from afar always makes me a little misty.

I think if i had these Hankies by Civic Trust on hand it would ease my homesickness just a wee bit.

Some other stuff that I'd like to surround myself with would be the warmth-exuding wrist warmers by extase while I flipped through the Fruiting Bodies zine by Emily Taylor.

Of course next to me would be a cup of tea (the leaves in said cup would be ones gifted to me by Becky!) resting on the fantastic cat potholder by maudstitch.

And on my shelf would rest one of Krystal Speck's corked vessels just because they're really beautiful.

Leah is one of the founders of City of Craft.  She now lives in Berlin, Germany where she creates handmade books, doom metal, and brings zines in to the lives of unsuspecting Berliners through  her mobile library, the lesen lounge.

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