Guest Blogger Picks: Ron Nurwisah.

I pride myself on finding great, and often unexpected, gifts for my friends. I’ll be on the lookout for unique things for them and maybe an item or two for myself.

1. Doublenaut


One of my favourite designers of concert posters in the City, twins Matt and Andrew McCracken have made eye-catching prints for the Polaris Prize, Broken Social Scene and more. Their non-music posters also deserve a spot on your wall.

2. Civic Trust
civic trust

Gentlemen a simple fashion tip for 2013: pocket squares. A little piece of fabric in your jacket pocket makes every outfit just a bit more dapper. These nautical-themed handkerchiefs are also a big step-up from a boring white piece of cotton.

3. RCBoisjoli

Blame it on my west coast upbringing, but I’ve always had a weird obsession with whales. This handsome beastie would be a welcome addition in any kitchen. Well, maybe not Captain Ahab’s.

4. Bespoke Uprising

bespoke uprising

A few years ago I was shopping for wedding gifts. Not surprisingly, this year I’m shopping for baby gifts. Babies are already pretty darned cute but can they be even cuter? Yes, if they’re wearing this great-looking onesie.

Ron Nurwisah is the community manager at the Huffington Post Canada. He can be found on twitter @boyreporter.

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