2010 Dates Announced!

Photo by sweetie pie press - Penant Banner by Rosalyn Faustino

It is true. the incredible folks at the Theatre Centre have shaken our hands earlier than ever to help us secure our 2010 dates.

Drum-roll please...

Saturday and Sunday, December 18th and 19th, 2010.
(We are still hashing out hours).

The astute citizens among you will notice that this is later than ever before, too. That's cool. This last weekend before Christmas might insight some pandemonium, but since when have we ever shied away from madness?

It should also be said that our incredible relationship with the Theatre Centre involves us demonstrating flexibility around their existing bookings and residency play development schedules. It is very exciting that our partnership keeps managing to squeeze itself into the calendar. Everyone should keep their fingers crossed that the Theatre Centre never runs the Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol (this would be very unlikely).

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