Finally in business for 2010.

Yesterday evening (at sunset, even), I made my first trip to the Trip Print Press to pick up actual stuff - our new business cards! Nicholas has by far fulfilled his May 1st deadline by delivering in February. It makes me feel like this project is fun and exciting for him. His happiness is a concern since designing and making the thousands of things we need to make the show happen is a lot of work. I've never had a designer ask for quantities before. Right. He's actually making everything.

trip print press 1b

I also got to check out some of his doodles and ideas for the poster, flyer and ad artwork. It is fascinating to watch a printer hash out design ideas. It involves some doodling, some notes, pulling drawers of type and lots of math. I didn't want to take pictures of his notes in case he moves in another direction with his design ideas but (judging from some of them) flags and scissor are not only out but possibly "done to death." Nicholas has been talking about design directions that source themselves in the themes of City of Craft (crafts, hand-making, cities, Toronto) but move from there into abstraction. It's a process that I am really enjoying watching. No promises, but it looks like handmade type and geometry might be involved. Well...I guess geometry is always involved in typesetting. But, really this time. More news to come as it unfolds...

trip print press (4)

trip print press (5)



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  1. How fantastic is that! The business cards look great. I kow you don't mean to Becky, but the teasing is almost unbearable :)