Meet Tanya Roberts of Snap & Tumble!

Tanya is the lady at the helm of snap & tumble, a letterpress line of small stationery goods. She found her handmade tribe by participating in the inaugural Toronto City of Craft in 2007. And she's been printing ever since. Knowing that she wasn’t the only one with ink in her veins, she started to offer workshops in the summer of 2009. The Letterpress Curiosity Workshops are now being run out of Tanya's small printery and it’s given her the opportunity to meet and share her love of letterpress with like-minded others.


What's one thing that really inspires you and your work these days?
It’s difficult to pinpoint just one thing. But, I often find that I could just work and play with my (increasing) collection of wood and metal type. The beauty of typography and the countless possibilities it offers always challenges and pushes me to create. The characters themselves are worn down from years of use from their previous owners. I often get inspired by thoughts of where my sets of type came from and wonder if they’ve been used to print vintage concert posters, old political propaganda , advertising leaflets, etc.

What do you like to craft for yourself or for close friends and family only?
Aside from the letterpress printed monogrammed stationery, I like to use found paper to create simple stationery. Assembling letters complete with envelope liners, writing notes on vintage ledgers and sending it through snail mail is my idea of a good time.

What's your favorite thing about toronto?
The TTC subway typeface.

How do you deal with cold, cold winter nights?
Stay in. Make a home-cooked meal. Follow with green tea and a page-turner.

Heart = organ or emotion?

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  1. These are lovely. I really appreciate the look and feel of letterpressed items.