Fond (slight) farewells...

In the name of complete communication, it is time to announce some changes at City of Craft.

The event and organization was founded in 2007 by three ladies, Leah Buckareff, Jen Anisef and myself (Becky Johnson). Now three years later, we are getting older and our lives are taking us in new directions. For 2010, this means saying goodbye to Jen and Leah as Co-coordinators.

There are a lot of reasons for this. Leah is moving across the world, Jen has to pare down projects in the hopes of achieving some very exciting goals of her own and having one person at the helm makes the show (almost) financially sustainable.

It's only kinda sad because the girls are not vanishing entirely. The Toronto Craft Alert (Jen's baby) is going to remain as a major sponsor. This change might even see Jen moving from administrative work to more creative partnerships with City of Craft. Some dreams include big interactive and installation programs - a far cry from the emailing of yesteryear. Leah will also remain around to help from afar with financial matters in her usual quiet and brilliant way. She is moving to Berlin, by the way, to be famous with her doom metal band, Nadja. Dreams in her direction include cross-Atlantic programming and residencies.

In those realms of expansion, we are all still just throwing around ideas. But it is pretty safe to say that this change does not mark the end of their presences in City of Craft programming. They might just spend less time chained to their laptops (yeah, right) and I might spend more (not possible).




  1. writing this post and looking at that picture made me actually misty. i also have pms, but still..

  2. It feels like the last episode of Family Ties but I can't decide which one of you is APK. Seriously ladies, you are all so fabulous and making great things happen in the world. Here's to incredible woman doing incredible things! xo

  3. oh, goodness, this is big! It will be good to see a crafter-Jen, though.