Meet Krystal Speck!

Krystal Speck is a ceramic artist who loves color and pattern. Raised in rural Ontario and now based in Toronto, she studied both ceramics and textiles at the Ontario College of Art & Design, where she received her Bachelor of Design (Material Art & Design) in 2007. Since graduating, Krystal has built a growing studio practice in an inspiring cooperative clay studio, sold and exhibited her work locally and nationally, and launched her own ceramic business in 2009.

What's one thing that really inspires you and your work these days?
Oh, textiles...always. I’ve got my head stuck in a great book about folk embroidery patterns from around the world and it’s got me experimenting with new patterns on my ceramics. Lately, I’ve caught myself ogling the stained-glass windows of local churches, which I initially thought odd. Then I realized I decorate my ceramics in a similar way with that bold black line filled with bold shades of color. So, it’s merely a love for pattern, not a religious calling after all.

What do you like to craft for yourself or for close friends and family only?
For myself, I like to sew but rarely seem to find the time to actually complete a project. I horde vintage fabrics to make pillow covers or curtains, blouses, you name it...but sadly they just hide out in my cupboard. For friends and family, I like to make them ceramics based on their personality. My mom is a real fan of blue and white pottery, so I made her a porcelain tumbler with a pattern that I don’t make to sell, in blue and white. Mind you, it’s taken me several years to convince her to use the cup, not to just put it up on her mantle!

What's your favorite thing about Toronto?
When I first moved here, my favorite thing about Toronto was that it seemed to be the total opposite of my rural hometown. I loved the grey, the tall buildings, and the busyness. Now it’s a blend of the two. My favorite things in Toronto are the parks, the urban gardeners (and urban gardening movement) and the interest in greening our grey city.

How do you deal with cold, cold winter nights?
I wrap myself up in the blanket my grandmother made me, drink cups and cups of hot tea and try to steal body heat from my significant other.

Heart = organ or emotion?
My heart outwits my brain 10-1...so I make silly decisions with my heart all the time, and blame the consequences on my heart, even though I know logically it’s my brain getting me into all the trouble. Heart = my boss lady.


  1. the problem with these shows is that i want to buy everything.

  2. What a marvelous problem! I's sorry to say your soap dish is still in construction...in the mad rush to glaze I didn't manage to get to it in the kiln. I'm making two for you you to choose from.