Meet Cecelia Hayes!

Cecelia Hayes graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2007 with a degree in Illustration. Since then she has been an art teacher to grades K through 12 among other jobs. Right now she lives in Buffalo with her husband and daughter while her husband finishes school at UB. Cecelia is bringing an assortment of handmade and vintage things. Handmade wares include hair barrettes, bobby pins, hand dyed rose pins, small artwork (drawings and paintings), prints, handmade valentines, hand sewn rings and jewelry. Vintage wares include perfect condition baby sweaters and a small collection of women's clothes.

What's one thing that really inspires you and your work these days?
I am really inspired by the idea of creating a little world from which the things I make come from... I love following people like Somethings Hiding in Here, Wrenhandmade and Wes Anderson (to name a few) where every little object contains the spirit of the world from which its from.

What do you like to craft for yourself or for close friends and family only?
I made a little bouquet of flowers for my mom once made of candy wrappers, egg cartons and all sorts of garbage and put it in an old spice jar. I want to make a little cardboard replica of our apartment for my husband for Valentine's Day (we'll see how this goes). I also like making little props to go with my displays that are not for sale, just for atmosphere.

What's your favorite thing about toronto?
I spent a year at U of T, but I do not live in Toronto currently. I love how you can end up in little pockets of places. I lived near this awesome greenhouse (which was free) and was so relaxing to go in during the winter. I love Kensington Market and that candy store there with the jars that go to the ceiling and the meat stores and fruit stands. I did a show at Model Citizen last year and these fire throwers showed up and were doing all sorts of dangerous things in the street. I also like all the theme bars, it seems like there are alot.

How do you deal with cold, cold winter nights?
Lately on cold nights I have been making popcorn on the stove top with oil and lots of coarse salt. It is the best popcorn I have ever had and I cannot believe that for the longest time I thought I needed some sort of machine to make popcorn. I really look down on microwave popcorn now, it's so dry! I have made some peace with winter though in part because I now own boots (I did not have any for years and would literally be in tears by February) and also because I have a baby now and I wear her on my chest so we are both warm.

Heart = organ or emotion?
Organ. Oh kidding, emotion too, duh. I really believe in loving what you make and that if it's there, that love shows.

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