Meet Becky Johnson of The Sweetie Pie Press!

The Sweetie Pie Press is the crafty outlet of Becky Johnson (one of the Love and Rummage Trunk Show's curators). Through The Sweetie Pie Press, Becky focuses on independently designed 1" buttons, art, zines, illustration and crochet. She also always has way too much stuff to bring to every show. Editing is an issue. For this show, The Sweetie Pie Press will have buttons (including some secret smutty ones), money jars, secret messages, crochet neck warmers and crochet elf hats for sure. Requests from The Sweetie Pie catalogue are generally entertained if shoppers want something special, too. As for rummage, there will be some vintage clothes (some verging on costume), craft supplies (stamps, fabric and polymer clay) and hopefully a big collection of suitcases. All of Becky's touring has made Sweetie Pie headquarters overrun with suitcases and some must be parted with in the name of floor space.

five (cropped)

What's one thing that really inspires you and your work these days?
Colour. Just plain colour and the joys that come from playing with it. I never went to art school, so this novelty came late for me. I am also thinking more and more from the materials up - trying to find less ecologically damaging starting points for the things I make (this is at odds with many colours). Materials can be very inspiring in the world of craft.

What do you like to craft for yourself or for close friends and family only?
I will be honest, I make better hats and scarves for my friends and family. This is usually due to the time involved in making them and the intricacies of design. I am working on a hat right now in a small gauge crochet that I also dyed yarn for. It's a very fun process but would make me insane and homeless if I was making these to sell - unless $150 became the going rate for a simple wool hat.

What's your favourite thing about toronto?
Overload. Also, my least favourite thing about Toronto.

How do you deal with cold, cold winter nights?
Tea, late night movies, love, crochet, cat, slippers. You know...your classic spinster stuff.

Heart = organ or emotion?
I can deal with the figurative and literal coexisting. Sure. Both!