hi friends!

so, now you've seen the new City of Craft 2009 poster and you're like, is there a crafty history for each building in the poster?? the answer is: mostly, kind of.
this beautiful water tower is in my old hood, Bloordale, around Bloor + Lansdowne. this is my favourite water tower ever + it's right behind 224 Wallace Ave, which is home to all sorts of craftspeople (wicker weavers!) and designers (trip print press! best!) and the studios there are gorgeous.
oh look, it's OCAD, that arts + crafts school (they do have craft classes kind of, like bookbinding!) that is everyone's second fave building in the city (next to the cn tower, of course).
this is the most perfect storefront in east chinatown. they sold me bookbinding needles when I broke my last one, + the thread for this poster!
this is everyone's third fave building, the flatiron, over on wellington + front, and you probably think I can't make a art/craft connection here but: have you ever noticed the huge mural painted on the back of this building? it has this effect to make it look all fluttery, like it's coming off of the building. you can thank Canadian artist Derek Michael Besant for that (+ I can thank you, wikipedia).
this is a storefront from an imagined Toronto which sells craft supplies, zines by Tara Bursey, those cat pillows that everyone wants, and pancakes. AKA perfectshop.

there is also a drawing of the theatre centre on the poster, but you all know what that's about. home to the 2009 version of City of Craft!

amy b.
(aka nightjar books)