Were We Ever So Young?

Photo by city of craft

Just a little note attached to an old picture from two years ago when we were all less weathered by the storm of crafts. This picture accompanied the print version this 2007 article from the Globe and Mail (which gave us a huge starting boost, by the way).

Up there are (left to right) Jen Anisef, Becky Johnson and Leah Buckareff, the goons who founded this whole thing. Our staff was smaller two years ago but even then, we were not really a three-person show. And while the three of us have remained at the helm (through tours and other jobs and heavy metal fame, respectively), the team that helps make the show happen has grown and strengthened over the past three years. This kind of makes me want to arrange a big group shot for this year. If nothing else, I know I am going to want to have it in my virtual scrapbook (read: wistful hard drive).

Thank you to Anne Garber for scanning the image and to the currently unknown-to-us photographer (when someone finds a hard copy, let's fix this). Also to the Sewing Studio for letting us use their space to be photographed.

Love and hugs,


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