New look, new year, new blog and other NEWS.


It has been a big day around the City of Craft campfire. First of all, our 2009 notifications went out. We are really excited about our line-up but equally saddened that we had to turn away 5/6 of our applicants. Don't get us wrong, we know that the group of declined applications is dripping with genius and talent. We only wish the world was less finite so that the space afforded our little show was endlessly malleable. Thankfully, we live in a huge and vibrant city wherein City of Craft is far from the only show on the go. We recommend the vendor call section of the Toronto Craft Alert to anyone and everyone looking for more shows to do over the holidays. Our deadline is earlier than most, so it is not at all too late to get cracking on a jam packed holiday craft season.

We have also given the website its 2009 makeover, with the help of the brilliant Amy Borkwood. Amy should be doing some writing around here to explain herself and the choices she made for our 2009 graphics (that's write, Borkwood, explain yourself). Until that happens, feel free to bask in the vellumy goodness of her work.

You can also stay up-to-date on our 2009 vendors as the vendor page grows and spread the word with Amy's excellent poster.

That seems like enough of a bombardment for now. Happy crafting, citizens!

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