Vendor Profile: Alison of Coriander Girl.

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Who are you...you, as a person?
Hello! My name is Alison Westlake. I'm a scorpio, a dreamer, a liver, a lover.

What is your business called?
Coriander Girl!

What does this business specialize in?
We specialize in flowers! But our claim to fame is working with vintage vessels. Bring in a vase and we'll make lovely, just lovely.

Where are you located (home, studio, store front)?
You can find us in Parkdale, glorious Parkdale! 1537 Queen St. W on the south side of Queen at Wilson Park Blvd.

Do you have any new products/inventions/designs/projects up for grabs at the Love & Rummage Trunk Show?
I'll be there selling little posies in vintage apothecary bottles, tea cups, tins etc. I'll bring some small gifts and crafts from local artisans too!

What is one thing from your trunk that would make a great Valentine?
Every girl or boy likes a sweet little posy in a cool old container? Can I get an amen?

What would be your ideal Valentine to receive?
Well, I've always said my man is good enough to spread on a cracker so maybe if he got me a life time supply of those delicious rosemary crackers I love so much, I'd be set. I also wouldn't mind two tickets for a trip around the world, first stop, the Amalfi Coast of course!

How do you feel about February in Toronto - drab or dazzling?
February? Well, let's just say I'm in really good shape because I run everywhere. It's too cold to be outside. I'm like a 90 year old woman.

Do you believe in true love?
I believe in true love. I believe lobsters mate for life. I believe you can know in an instant when you've met "the one." I sobbed during Titanic, I wept for the penguins in that ever popular documentary, I ooze at the sight of a cute baby, and my ipod only has ballads. I am a lover and I'll die with my heart blazing on my sleeve.
Thanks to the lovely ladies of City of Craft, Karyn from The Workroom, and anyone else involved in making this trunk show possible, I'm thrilled to be involved!
See you all there!
Alison xo

Flowers from Coriander Girl
Photo by the workroom

City of Craft & the workroom present
The Love & Rummage Trunk Show 3
Sunday February 6, 2011
the workroom
1340 Queen Street West
Admission: FREE

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