Vendor Profile: Shannon Gerard

crocheted anatomical heart

Just announced! City of Craft superstar, Shannon Gerard, has been added as a replacement for Amy of Nightjar Books. Read about some very special deal Shannon is bringing to the show!

Who are you...you, as a person?
A self described dork, dreamer and discerning bibliophile.

What is your business called?
Shannon Gerard

What does this business specialize in?
I work across a variety of media, making:
Crocheted objects including: Plants You Can't Kill, Plushtaches, Anatomical hearts, and a project called Playing Doctor (crocheted breasts and genitals that encourage overall body awareness and frank discussions about human frailty and sexuality).
Drawings and books, notably the illustrated memoir Unspent Love and post apocalyptic graphic novel Sword of My Mouth (with writer Jim Munroe)
Large scale installations and stop motion animations (a new trajectory for me!), evolving now outside of YYZ Artist's Outlet at 401 Richmond.



Where are you located (home, studio, store front)?
Newly relocated to Parkdale, very near to the Sweetie Pie Press!

Do you have any new products/inventions/designs/projects up for grabs at the Love & Rummage Trunk Show?
I'll be selling many of the original drawings from Sword of My Mouth for drastically reduced prices -- time to clean the studio! Are those new? The prices are new!

What is one thing from your trunk that would make a great Valentine?
Crocheted anatomical hearts.

What would be your ideal Valentine to receive?
A back rub.

How do you feel about February in Toronto - drab or dazzling?
Dazzling. February is a good time to move house and studio-- a new environment to settle into and new surroundings to discover. Nesting and adventuring really perk up the season.

Do you believe in true love?
Um, yeah. But I don't think the existence of true love precludes a person (named Shannon for instance) from effing it up beyond salvage.

shannon's heidelberg house
One of Shannon's drawings from Sword of my Mouth.

City of Craft & the workroom present
The Love & Rummage Trunk Show 3
Sunday February 6, 2011
the workroom
1340 Queen Street West
Admission: FREE

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