Vendor Profile: Anabela & Geoff of Fieldguided.


Who are you...you, as a person?
Hello. We are Anabela and Geoff.

What is your business called?

What does this business specialize in?
Accessories and some illustrated paper goods for dandies, cat lovers, wild hearts, and more.

Where are you located (home, studio, store front)?
We work out of our apartment which is located just off Dufferin Grove Park. From our kitchen window we can watch people ice skate in the rink in winter, and smell campfires in spring, summer and fall.

Do you have any new products/inventions/designs/projects up for grabs at the Love & Rummage Trunk Show?
We're hoping to have some hand-printed Valentine's Day cards available (featuring a pretty cute illustration, if we do say so ourselves), as well as canvas-covered Crown mason jars.

What is one thing from your trunk that would make a great Valentine?
Our larger tote bags have really passionate messages on them. Our print of the Toronto skyline is like a small love letter to the place where we live.


Photo by Francesca

What would be your ideal Valentine to receive?

Anabela: In dreamland, a trip. Somewhere beachy, somewhere exotic, it doesn't really matter. In reality, wildflowers.
Geoff: Besides Anabela, one of my favourite things in life is making and eating a delicious meal. An ideal Valentine would surely include brunch at an old standby and a lovingly prepared feast of a dinner, or perhaps the same in reverse.

How do you feel about February in Toronto - drab or dazzling?
Anabela: Dazzling, but in a modest, quiet sort of way.
Geoff: Dazzling, because spring and summer are getting closer.

Do you believe in true love?
Anabela: I do! But it also requires dedication, hard work, and communication. It's not strictly magical.
Geoff: Yes! I don't believe in true love in the teenage romantic sense, but like most things in life, what you discover in love depends on what you invest in it.


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Sunday February 6, 2011
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