Get Ready for Your New Year!

The big show may have come and gone, but we know that that does not mean your holiday shopping is done. And as we careen towards another apocalyptic year, I thought I would share some 2012 calendars from our vendors and friends. All available for purchase online!

First and foremost, I fear I would be run out of craft town if I didn't mention the mother of all handmade calendars - the annual Kid Icarus screen print opus that has become a cult phenomenon among local design lovers. Featuring twelve glorious pages designed by twelve distinct artists, the calendar is an art collection unto itself. It is also a one two punch for City of Craft fans; not only is it printed and curated by Kid Icarus, it also features City of Craft 2011 vendors Selena Wong, Reverend Aitor and Claire Louise Milne amid its artist ranks. At $80, it is less than $7 per hand-pulled, two-colour, 100% cotton, heavy-weight page - which is crazy. Available at Kid Icarus and other Toronto locations.

Jacob Rolfe 2012

Feeling like a new year is just another twelve months lost at sea? Well you are not alone. Actually, you are, but you are alone in good company and this screen printed calendar by Jacob Rolfe is the perfect way to commemorate your endless drift.

dreamcats 2012 calendar

You just can't take the cat out of Fieldguided's designs, can you? And who can blame them? Cats own the internet and our hearts. These dreamcats 2012 calendars, designed and screen printed by Geoff Piersol, are available in either mint or peach from their shop.
Spoonflower calendar - storybook cottage
Claire Louise Milne's contribution to the next year takes a more DIY approach. She has designed an ingenious fabric through Spoonflower as her 2012 calendar. Order a fat quarter and you have one full calendar, order a yard and you have four! Just hem (or bind) the edges and you're done!

laura george calendar

Finally, Laura George, who joined us all the way from Chicago this year has also created a multi-page 2012 calendar that expresses the joys of each month in her own inimitable style. Personally, I am partial to February's mix tape, and not just because I want the children of today to know what they are.

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  1. Thanks for including me! I finally got around to hemming my tea towel and posted pics today on needlebook.ca. Just trying to carry on in the post City of Craft void.

    Also, I read that last line as "I want the children of today to know who they are". Which is nice too.