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WORN Fashion Journal

Who are you?
WORN Fashion Journal

Where are you located? We used to be run out of our editor's living room, but just recently 'moved on up' to our very own office at Queen and MacDonell. Okay, so it's only blocks away from the old office. We have Parkdale separation anxiety.

What do you/your business/your product do? WORN Fashion Journal is a print publication that comes out twice a year (once in hot weather, once in cold) based in Toronto, Canada. However, our content is not time or location specific. Since we do not report on trends or promote the newest items on the market, our content is as interesting and relevant today as it will be five years down the road. WORN discusses the cultures, subcultures, histories, and personal stories of fashion. We strive to embody a place between pop culture magazine and academic journal that opens new avenues in art and fashion theory by hovering where these two ideas intersect, connecting with fashion scholars and artists.

What gets you pumped about doing what you do? Being able to bring alternative ideas and representations of fashion, and beauty to the masses is VERY important to us here at WORN, and we get super pumped about any opportunity to do that, be it in print or on our blog (www.wornjournal.com). Recently we had a woman in her 70s submit photos to our model database, and a fight broke out about who could use her in our upcoming photo-shoots for issue 14. There were ripped cardigans, sequins and blood everywhere. But seriously though, opportunities to show a wide range of beauty are rare in the fashion industry, and gets us really jazzed about each project we work on.

WORN Fashion Journal

What does your sponsorship for the show entail?

Title: Pencil Skirts and Crayon Pants

Description: The moments that define us, more often than not, take place while we’re wearing clothes. Sometimes we look back at our milestone outfits and wonder if we would have been more fashionable naked. WORN invites you to reminisce about the fashion triumphs and style-tastophes of days gone by. This year, at City of Craft, we’ll provide the paper and drawing supplies necessary for you to transform your sartorial history into Art.

You just have to show up wearing clothes.

What are you crafting this holiday season (festive beverages & baked goods count)? There is typically always something crafty going on at the WORN office -- think of us as Santa's workshop, but replace elves with Wornettes, and curly-toed shoes with oxfords. Today we worked on making crowns and headpieces for an upcoming blog post, but other projects include barrettes, peter pan collars and tie-dye. You can always check out our monthly Mending Night for other crafty projects!

When City of Craft (and other awesome indie shows) is not on, where do you go for your crafty fix? There are so many good places right down the street (and some a little farther) that we love to visit. The Workroom, The Knit Cafe, Freedom Clothing Collective and The Paper Place are a few that you could regularly find a Wornette or two perusing.

WORN Fashion Journal
Photos by Samantha Walton

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