Sponsor Profile: Deadweight


Who are you?
Sandi Falconer / Deadweight.

Where are you located? Toronto!

What do you/your business/your product do? I am a designer & screen printer. I do custom illustration and design work plus a slew of personal projects/paper goods! I also make screen printed leather goods with my friend Danielle under the name Falconwright.


What gets you pumped about doing what you do? Learning new things, trying to get better, having something to direct my nervous energy towards, and being exposed to tons of neat people who make cool things.

What does your sponsorship for the show entail? I am the 2011 designer for all City of Craft related imagery! Becky and I decided that playing on the culty-ness of craft circles with witchy images, magic eyes, and various other tools of the trade would be a fun direction for 2011. A spell has been cast on you! Did it work? I hope so!


What are you crafting this holiday season (festive beverages & baked goods count)? Besides a slew of Deadweight stuff, I hope to put together some sweet personal gifts for pals (can't discuss that - shhhh!) and a big meal on Christmas Eve with those pals (my fave Christmas tradition).

When City of Craft (and other awesome indie shows) is not on, where do you go for your crafty fix? Mainly the vortex that is the web! But I get sucked into package design at the supermarket, books, and magazines too!


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