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Coldsnap Bindery

Who are you? I'm Leah of Coldsnap Bindery!

Where are you located? Coldsnap operates wherever I geographically find myself. It used to be Toronto, but these days it's I'm making books in a little studio in Berlin, Germany.
What do you/your business/your product do? I make blank journals, sketchbooks, and albums. Everything is cut, sewn, and hand-bound by me. Once in a while I also make a zine or some such ephemera to go with the zines.

What gets you pumped about doing what you do? I like to use the books I make as a sort of canvas for trying new things and experimenting with paper and fabric. Lately, embroidering everything has had me excited to sit behind my work table.

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What does your sponsorship for the show entail? I send a box full of books over the seas and continents to be won or given away over the course of the weekend.

What are you crafting this holiday season (festive beverages & baked goods count)? For the first time in about 10 years, I've decided to be all festive and get a little pine number for our dwelling so I'll be making a few tree decorations! Yay!

When City of Craft (and other awesome indie shows) is not on, where do you go for your crafty fix? Oh my, I've met so many brilliant and crafty people on both continents so when necessary, I don't have far to go.

Coldsnap Bindery

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