Sponsor Profile: Ontario Crafts Council

Ontario Crafts Council
image: Studio Magazine, Fall/Winter 2010

Who are you?
The Ontario Crafts Council (OCC) is the province’s only non-profit, multi-disciplinary craft organization that supports craftspeople and their work while making connections with the cultural fabric of our communities. The OCC was established in 1976 as a merger between the Canadian Guild of Crafts (1931) and the Ontario Craft Foundation (1966).

Where are you located? The OCC has its offices and public gallery located at 990 Queen Street. W. in Toronto, and its retail venue, The Guild Shop, is in Yorkville at 118 Cumberland Street. To find out more you can check out www.craft.on.ca and www.theguildshop.ca.

What do you/your business/your product do? The OCC currently supports 1500 members across Ontario - 1000 of which are active professional craftspeople - by offering programs and services on both local and regional levels. OCC publication services include the nationally distributed Studio magazine.

What gets you pumped about doing what you do? We love being able to support craft and craftspeople – it’s the whole reason we’re here!

What does your sponsorship for the show entail? We were more than happy to be able to offer space and AV equipment for the City of Craft jury, and to contribute copies of Studio magazine for the swag bags.

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