Sponsor Profile: Omiyage.ca


Who are you?
We are Marisa & Elias of Omiyage.ca

Where are you located? We live in Toronto but Omiyage lives online!

What do you/your business/your product do? Omiyage is an online shop selling creative, crafty and clever goods. We carry cute paper goods, packaging materials like Divine Twine, origami paper, and oodles of washi tape.

What gets you pumped about doing what you do? It's really so exciting to be sharing the things we love with people all over Canada and the world. When we send an order off to Yellowknife or Charlottetown, Lisbon or Rio, it's such a thrill!

We're lucky in Toronto, having access to pretty much any and everything, but in smaller towns, it can be frustrating not to have access to unique goods. Maybe you can find them online but the shipping from the US or overseas plus duty is atrocious. We hear back from Canadian customers all the time that they're so happy to have found us - and that feels great!


What does your sponsorship for the show entail? Our sponsorship this year is all about the swag! We've packed little goodie bags filled with washi tape and mini spools of Divine Twine to be included in this year's swag bags. You'll also find a special coupon from us in the bags. As well, four of our Limited Edition Stationery Sets will be prizes for the raffle game.

What are you crafting this holiday season (festive beverages & baked goods count)? We crafted our Christmas tree out of washi tape this year and we love it! Perfect if, like us, you just don't have space for a real tree. Otherwise, it's the usual suspects around here - Advent Calendar, new felt stockings and ornaments. We'll also be sharing fun tutorials for holiday wrapping and crafts on our blog.

Oh, and it's just not the holiday season without mint nanaimo bars, so we'll be making some of those!

When City of Craft (and other awesome indie shows) is not on, where do you go for your crafty fix? The internet is such a great source of crafty inspiration - blogs, Pinterest, online magazines. So much goodness!


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