All Buttoned Up.

city of craft buttons (2)b

I spent part of last night making these new 2010 buttons for our illustrious merch table (right by reception). They were all designed by Nicholas Kennedy to match the pinwheel fever of our entire year's design theme. To me, his designs look everything from playful to quilted to Southwestern. I love them!

In the process of making these, I went back and made a few more designs from years past. These include Amy Borkwood's architectural designs from last year (the first ones pictured below). Those pins never actually saw the light of day last year. They are like the lost buttons of the City of Craft - an underground city only unearthed years later.

Below that are Shannon Garard's designs from 2008 and the humble buttons I made for our first show in 2007. Were we ever so young?

city of craft buttons (5)b

city of craft buttons (8)b

city of craft buttons (7)b


  1. It's a good thing that super staffers get benefits, then, isn't it?

  2. PS - My colour correction skills are clearly bunk. Look at those "matching" cups.

  3. 1) Yay!!! :)

    2) Pfft. Matching is for chumps.

  4. REALLY like this year's buttons. and so glad amy's designs are getting some button love. they deserve to be unearthed forsure.

  5. what a great archive! and, i agree with jen! those pin wheels were made for button exposure.

  6. if time permits (and why would it?), i was thinking of making a few choice 3" pinwheels for staff. we will see.