They're Talkin' 'Bout Us.

Pair of figures by The Maple Ridge
Photo of The Maple Ridge's Dinky Nubbins by the workroom

As the week moves forward and City of Craft 2010 fades into the past, it has been really lovely to watch all the post-show attention emerge all over the internet (thank you, Google Alerts).

Here's a little round-up of a few choice run-downs and mentions:

City of Craft vendors celebrated for their talents as well as for their style. Of course!

Karyn of the workroom runs down the purchases she made for herself and others.

Fashion Made Me Funky
In praise of glass works and Patrick Fisher.

Claire shares notes about and photos of the goodies that made it home with her.

A poorly colour corrected and overly-wordy report on City of Craft acquisitions. (This is my blog).

A very thoughtful and complimentary recap of the show with spotlights on a few of their favourite vendors - The Pin Pals, rcboisjoli, Old Weston Handmade Wonders, The Maple Ridge & Holly Handmade.

Big thanks to everyone who came to the show and those who spread the word (and continue to do so). Everyone is a super star to me!

For even more post-show attention and all sorts of other flotsam, check out our facebook group.

Happy Holidaze,


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