Get Stamped.

city of craft stamps

This weekend, when you make it out to the show, be prepared to be festooned with these brand new City of Craft stamps (no more tacky date stamps for us!) I mean, if you are going to get a temporary branding, it may as well look slick. This lettering was stolen from an envelope addressed to us last year by Sandi Falconer (don't worry, I asked permission). Her lettering is so much better than mine and really stood out to me as i sifted through mail last winter.

These stamps were expertly made by the fine folks at Toronto Stamp who practice great customer service and speedy turn-around/delivery. Just sayin'.

I also find it funny that the first page on Sandi's site pretty clearly features another Toronto Stamp stamp.

You know what else? Sandi is a vendor at the show (under her business name, Deadweight) so you can bring her artful creations into your life, too!


  1. I might be a bit biased, but I think the stamp looks awesome, ha! Go Toronto Stamp!