Swag Update: Washi Tapes from Omiyage.

omiyage swag

Has everyone else gone nuts for lovely Japanese washi tapes? We sure have at City of Craft. That's why we were so extra happy to sign on new sponsor, Omiyage.ca, who specializes in importing Japanese craft supplies, stationary and other design goods to Canada. As Canadians, we all know that these sorts of items always come with hefty shipping and/or customs charges to our home and native land - but not if they are shipped domestically. What's more? Omiyage is even offering $5 flat rate shipping. You have until the 19th in Ontario and Quebec and the 15th in the rest of the country to order online with delivery before Christmas. You know, just saying.

As for City of Craft, Omiyage has provided us with a bevvy of individually wrapped washi tapes in lovely hues and patterns. These will be randomly distributed throughout the swag bags for the first hundred shoppers each day (sorry, there are not enough for all the bags - this will be a luck-of-the-draw affair). Omiyage has also given us this awesome washi tape mega-pack (pictured below) for the raffle. Amazing, right?

omiyage raffle

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