Swag Update: Pouches and Bags from Anatomy of a Skirt/Robot-A-Day.

anatomy of a skirt (2)b

Goodness gracious. One of the first wondrous sponsorship packages we opened this year was filled with a collection of brilliant felt and vinyl bags, totes and pouches from Erin at Anatomy of a Skirt. Although Anatomy of a Skirt is technically on maternity leave, Erin's other project/challenge Robot-A-Day is not. In fact, Robot-A-Day will be occupying a vendor spot filled with one-of-a-kind vinyl mechanicals at the show this year.

anatomy of a skirt (5)b

anatomy of a skirt (6)b

But back to the swag at hand...Erin's brilliant purses and pouches will be working their ways into our raffle as well as into a few lucky swag bags! Yes, this year's swag bags are going to be filled with gambling surprises.

Swag bags are handed out to the first 100 shoppers each day.

Raffle items will be on display by the reception table on the Theatre Centre's upstairs balcony with tickets for sale in the very same place.


  1. erin's work is AMAZING. so excited that she'll be at city of craft!!!

  2. Yeah, I had to stop myself from reading every page of Robot-a-Day. It's just so addictive with each new robot being so entirely different from the last.

  3. raffleswag is looking UNREAL this year.