Paper Chain Party!

paper chains (1)b

While you are wandering around the Theatre Centre and Cream Tangerine cafe on the weekend, you may notice the space festooned with paper chains. These are all the result of an evening spent in my living room making chains and chatting with some of the 2010 staff (Jen, Sara, Michelle and Angelune). It was really nice to spend an evening just making in the midst of all the emailing, blogging and driving around that inevitably leads up to the show. In the end, I estimated that we made 80-100 feet of chains. We will see if my calculations hold water when we start to load in.

The garlands, by the way, are made from some incredible 100% cotton paper donated from the off-cuts stash of Kid Icarus. Noticing a theme here? They are heroes.

paper chains (9)b

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