For Keeps Update: Memory Boxes

bonnie's box

One of the (fun) challenges of putting together For Keeps: a mending show has been sourcing boxes to display photographic portraits of the mended pieces. After taking in the stories and thoughts shared by the lenders of each piece we felt the best way to house these images is in vintage keepsake boxes, each with their own history and emotional residue. The visually imperfect rings, plates & teddy bears (among other objects) hold such strong memories and emotional attachment for their current owners that displaying them in generic and impersonal frames felt wrong.

It was unexpectedly difficult to find boxes in the right dimensions and structure to show off the glued, patched & darned objects so evocatively photographed by Danijela Pruginic. We've reached out to friends and family for lends from their own collection, and thankfully some were able to heed our call, like vintage buff Bonnie DeKuyper who provided the teal and dusty rose number shown above. Thanks Bon and everyone else that pulled through to help us make our box count!

For Keeps is curated and coordinated by Jen Anisef and Marsya Maharani

For more information, contact jen(at)torontocraftalert(dot)ca

Come party with us on Thursday, December 9th, details here.

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