Danijela Pruginic's Silhouette Cameos return to the Midway!


A massive hit at our 2008 show, the silhouette cameo photo booth will be back on the upper mezzanine/balcony again for the 2010 show! We are very excited to welcome Danijela Pruginic back to fill the South West corner of the upper level with vintage-inspired joy. Dani is, after all, a very in-demand photographer about town. I keep seeing her work pop up everywhere from weddings to new-style product photography to editorial work to interpretative fine art photography (see For Keeps: a mending show for some great examples of the latter).

The cameos are available as flat magnets and, from personal experience, I can tell you that these items make great gifts for loved ones and/or proud parents who really just want a memento of you for the holidays. I also saw some super sweet couples cameos last time around which I sort of regret not getting. Don't you regret anything! Get on the silhouettes!

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  1. Well....that first silhouette is UNMISTAKABLE!

  2. Ha! Yeah. He and I were just discussing the merits of the double Windsor while looking at this picture.

    For those who don't know, that is my partner and City of Craft vendor, Reverend Aitor.

  3. Silhouette #2 is the artist herself, Danijela.

  4. I kinda thought #2 might be Serena McC.