Swag Update: Surprising Book Works from Pas de Chance Publishing.


Hey Citizens,

We just got a very generous offer from local handmade book publisher, Pas de Chance. For those who don't know, Pas de Chance is a publisher of no ordinary ilk. All of their editions are handmade (sometimes in layers - handmade paper, screen prints, hand binding) but, even more uniquely, their editions tend to blend strong graphic and interactive elements with literature.

For City of Craft, proprietor, Ian Phillips, has offered us a few copies of Pink Candy Popcorn, a veritable grab bag of writing and design. Ian puts it best himself:
There are three new books by Elissa Joy that come inside boxes of pink candy popcorn -- like a cracker jack prize -- you don't know which of the three books you are getting until you eat the popcorn!
These will find their way into the raffle and possibly into one very luck swag bag. Surprise!


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  1. oh my goodness! pas de chance is so very brilliant and the winners of these editions are so very very lucky!!