Swag Update: Ceramics from Krystal Speck.

krystal speck 2

The term swag is starting to feel wrong, actually it has for a while. Probably because I don't even know what it means.

But anyway, these beyond-swag ceramic marvels were generously donated to us by the incomparable Krystal Speck. Krystal is a lovely part of the City of Craft family and we miss her presence at the show since she moved on to bigger outlets and all-encompassing commissions. That's why it is extra-fantastic to have her there in vase form at the very least. These pieces are going to find their way into the raffle. Can you even believe it?

You want to know what else? There is more! I dropped that super-vessel off yesterday afternoon at Coriander Girl to be filled with a lovely and ethical floral arrangement and the whole shebang will be raffled off together. This marks our first sponsor collaboration and will be the last raffle item on Sunday.

Alison, the Coriander Girl herself, will be sharing images on the final arrangement with us on Friday. Flowers wilt, after all, and we want them fresh for the show! Amazing!


  1. that's it. i am buying raffle tickets this year - perceived conflict of interest be damned!

  2. I had very similar feelings. Now that you are not in charge of brokering the sponsorship deals, I think the conflicts have lessened.

  3. Becky - any conflicts for volunteers (including yours truly) buying raffle tix? That's fine if there is, but I'll want to give volunteers the heads-up if that's the case.

  4. Nope, no conflicts. I would say the only conflict is me. Even then, it's mostly related to my own self-concious nature. Everyone buy raffle tickets! this stuff is amazing!

  5. I'm so excited to see what Alison does with the flowers! She's amazing. This is going to be very satisfying...

  6. I think that swag stands for "stuff we all get" ... or if you don't go "stuff we ain't gettin"