For Vendors and Volunteers.

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Becky and I discussed making badges for vendors, and volunteers, so that they would be easily recognizable at the show [and maybe also so we'd all have something fun to wear together]. I knew I wanted to make horse-show-winner style badges, due to two sources of inspiration:
my friend amanda's birthday ribbons, and also the giant ribbon made for me by my friend Cara, for my kentucky derby themed surprise birthday party this year [yes, I have amazing friends!].


So here are a few finished ones, and the heap of ruffles and snipped ribbons waiting to be assembled. do you really, really want one? We are still looking for a few good volunteers for Sunday, drop Becky a line at cityofcraft@gmail.com , and you too, can feel like a show pony!


  1. OMG these are SO FLY!! can't wait to wear one with a winner's pride.

  2. I'll admit it, I used to barrel race when I was little. And totally wanted a pony for xmas!

  3. I used to ride horses and even won a couple ribbons when i was wee. I think they were giving ribbons to everyone in the pint weight category, though.