Craft Lab: DIY Music Box with Tuned Teeth

Hello! Angelune here, coordinator of the craft lab. What's the craft lab? Oh, well it's a series of awesome experiments led by friendly craft experts during Saturday and Sunday at City of Craft. They are free, they are fun, and you'll be able to take home a cute little something-something that you made yourself!

You'll find the lab in action in the mezzanine of the Theatre Centre, on the east side. I'll be telling you more about each of the planned workshops throughout the week.

First up is a music box workshop with Ola of Tuned Teeth from 2-3 pm on Saturday in the Craft Lab. Ola will provide you with a music box DIY kit, show you how to put it together and send you home with creative directions. There is a max of 6 participants for this workshop, so get there early!
tuned teeth

See you there!

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