Get The Lead Out (or Pencils for All).*

the pencil project

Every year, We put together low key little welcome packs for our vendors. It's not the sort of thing I usually mention since they are so low key and it feels silly to say 'look how rad we are for giving our vendors price tags and safety pins.'

But this year, we have included one little gift I wanted to mention while the blog is getting so much traffic. City of Craft managed to dig some dough out of our shoestring budget to buy a special laser-engraved pencil for each vendor. Of course, these could be very useful over the course of a hectic weekend, but there is more. These pencils are from Read&Write: The Pencil Project put together by the Ghostface Knitta herself, Kalpna Patel of Old Weston Handmade Wonders.

The Pencil Project is a collaboration between many sides of Kalpna's life, and some very talented co-conspirators. All proceeds from sales of the pencils go to support Sarvajanik High School in "North-ish" India. I highly recommend reading more about the project and its origins on Kalpna's blog here.

As I went for my daily check-in at the workroom this afternoon, I saw Kalpna working on a fresh batch for the show so I know that you, the public, can also get in on the action should you want to. And how can you go wrong? Brilliant writers and artists; clean, thoughtful design; and a good cause.

Good work, Ghostface.



*"Get The Lead Out" stolen from Derek McCormack's pencil contribution.


  1. Oh, and I forgot to mention that in fulfilment of her official role as City of Craft 'Thug', Kalpna also assembled all the vendor packs for you lovely folks.