Counterfeit Alert: Miriam Grenville Makes Money on the Midway.

money with strings (detail)
Photo by Miriam Grenville

Hey did you guys know that this year the upstairs balcony of the Theatre Centre (the level on which you enter the space) will be devoted almost entirely to a Midway of interactive booths and services? True fact.

We have just heard through out network of spies (the City of Craft requires a dense web of intelligence-gathering agents) that fibre and textile artist Miriam Grenville has plans to set up a covert money counterfeiting booth up there.

From the perp herself:
Your artwork is really beautiful, honey, but you really need to make some money...” We propose to make some money: a $20, or a vintage $2. Using craft, design, and art skills, make crafty amounts of money at the City of Craft Midway. How long will it take? Like everything in the arts and craft world, it depends on you. The more intricate the process, the greater the out put, just like making beautiful artwork...hey, it is beautiful artwork!

Miriam Grenville will be there to help you make some crafty money. Using vintage hand screened wall paper and printed papers from Italy and Japan, you can create your very own $2.00 or $20.00 bill.

PWYC (1 piece per person) or purchase a DIY kit with a matching finished bill to make at home.
Watch out, vendors, this stuff looks pretty convincing.

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