Swag Update: DIY Music Box Kits from Tuned Teeth.

tuned teeth

Today's swag teaser comes to you courtesy of Tuned Teeth, Toronto's preeminent supplier for music boxes and music box supplies. You need hurdy-gurdies? Tiny ballerinas? Tuned Teeth is your source!

For City of Craft 2010, the DIY kits pictured above will find their ways into both raffle packs and a few choice swag bags. It's true! This year, lining up for a swag bag will be like playing the lottery. We got more sponsorships for large items than ever so every once in a while a swag bag will be stuffed with a very special surprise. Like this!

There is also talk circulating around the camp fire that there may be a music box workshop at the Craft Lab, too. Although that is still unofficial, this is the place to look for real-time updates on all of our programming and magic.

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