Vendor Hype: Meet Caitlyn Lemonade.

Guys, have you met Caitlyn yet or seen her work? If you have been to City of Craft before, you have almost definitely seen her work as she has had the daunting task of hand drawing our program every year since 2008. We have also used her artwork for vendor call flyers and a super popular run of t-shirts and totes we did in 2009 (there are still a very few totes and tees left that will be at the show...but, like, two tees).

On her own, Caitlyn draws, prints and makes under the moniker lemonade in a way that is dreamy and spacious. She is one of those increasingly rare craft fair makers that is not "in business". Not to say that she isn't professional, it's just that Caitlyn is more inclined to follow her aesthetic whims than to create "product". For that reason, you will find small-run prints and printed matter at her table as well as one-of-a-kind illustrations and, this year, faceted wooden jewellery that takes palette really seriously.

A quick jaunt through her flickr stream will reveal that Caitlyn is a daydreamer of no light dimension. As much of our programming this year would suggest, it is very nice to feel the dream alive in the craft scene nowadays. Miss lemonade brings crates of that to the City of Craft family and we're really thankful for it.

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  1. Oh my goodness, that holiday card with the two intertwined hands?! Fantastic!